What to do After a Slip and Fall on Ice and Snow in Toronto

It’s not Nice to Fall on Ice

Wet and icy winter weather is here in the GTA.  Falling on slippery ice and snow is a common problem every year. What do you do if you slip and fall on ice, snow, or a slushy floor? This guide will help you determine whether you need the help of a Toronto slip and fall lawyer and if you’re still unsure, call us anytime for a free consultation

Slipping on Ice or Snow Outdoors 

Slipping on Ice in Toronto

We most often see broken bones from slips and falls on ice, but head injuries and concussions are also very common in these cases. It’s important that after a fall you take the right steps to help you obtain the maximum amount of compensation to cover the expenses of your injuries. Some common expenses include; loss of income, medication, physiotherapists, domestic help, transportation, and much more. 

What to do when you slip on ice or snow?

  • Try to observe why you fell. 
    • Is the path you are on cleared or not?
    • Is it salted or not salted? 
    • Can you tell if the sidewalk underneath you uneven? 
    • Could the sidewalk have caused an ice buildup? 
    • Is there a reason for water to pool near where you fell?  
  • Get photos if you can.
  • Preserve your shoes or boots.
    • THIS IS IMPORTANT! You have a 10-day limit to give notice to any municipality (city or town) if you fall on a municipal sidewalk. 
    • The Ontario government has just passed a new law that will require you to give notice within 60 days if you slip and fall on ice or snow on private property to the owner or occupier of the property. 

The team at Auger Hollingsworth can help you understand how to give notice!

Slip and Fall Accidents Inside a Commercial Building or Store

Falling on Wet Floor in GTAIf you slip on a wet or slushy floor, you can be badly hurt. Every winter we have clients who break their hips or suffer traumatic brain injuries from falls just like these. 

What to do when you slip inside a building or store?

  • Try to observe what caused you to fall. Later, when you make a claim for compensation, you should be able to explain why you fell
    • Was it water?
    • Was it slush? 
    • Was it a slippery puddle of maple syrup, milk, or juice? 
  • If bystanders come to help you (and they should), try to get their names. Are they are security guards, employees of the building, or were simply passing by? You will want to identify them later.
  • Get a photo of the floor and your wet clothes. 
  • Preserve your footwear. 
  • You should also hold on to your receipt if you had checked out your purchases before the fall.
  • Make sure your medical team knows that your injuries were caused by a slip and fall the first time you go for an appointment, and every time after that.

Do You Need a Lawyer after Falling on Ice?

No matter what situation caused you to fall, you will improve your opportunity to secure the best compensation by hiring an experienced slip and fall lawyer in Toronto. You will also improve the outcome of your case if you speak to a personal injury lawyer BEFORE you speak to an insurance adjuster, even if you don’t actually hire the lawyer but just have a free consultation.

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If you have more questions about your slip and fall on ice and snow in the GTA, please read our slip and fall FAQ page or call our Toronto office for more information.