Recent Cases

Slip and Fall Settlements in Ontario

  • A woman in her fifties who fell on an icy municipal path; we helped settle her claim at mediation for a confidential sum.
  • A woman was injured when she fell on the bus; she was awarded a 6-figure settlement.
  • A restauranteur injured with a fractured hip on an icy parking lot received $270,000 at mediation.
  • An administrative assistant who broke her wrist on an icy walkway received $75,000. The case settled before discovery.
  • A customer who slipped and fell at a grocery store received $25,000.
  • A senior citizen who fell while on the STO bus and received $110,000 at mediation for his injuries.
  • We recovered $138,000 for a plaintiff who broke her ankle after a slip and fall on ice.
  • Substantial damages were awarded to an Ottawa woman for a neck injury she suffered after falling at a department store.
  • A government employee recovered damages from a municipality, with our help, after a fall on ice left her with a seriously broken leg and ankle.
  • A family received $195,000.00 for the loss of care, guidance and companionship for their grandfather’s fatality.
  • A 72-year-old retiree tripped on an unsecured carpet in a grocery store and suffered a torn Rotator Cuff and damage to her previously replaced knee prosthesis. Auger Hollingsworth helped her recover $175,000 which allowed her to remain in her home and keep her independence.
  • A mother of three slipped and fell on school grounds which resulted in serious physical limitations and pain. The settlement achieved by Auger Hollingsworth of $120,000 allowed her to cover treatment costs and continue to recover without financial strain.
  • A husband and wife in their 70’s both suffered multiple fractures, chronic pain and limited range of motion due to a slip and fall accident. With Auger Hollingsworth’s help, they received $100,000 for their injuries in September of 2019.
  • Auger Hollingsworth helped a 60-year-old woman settle her slip and fall claim when she fell in another person’s home. The incident left her with multiple injuries, including a concussion, nose fracture, multiple sprains and upper back pain. She settled her claim for $75,000 in September of 2019.
  • A 56-year-old woman slipped on a piece of ice while crossing an intersection. She suffered a severe ankle fracture and settled her case for $70,000 in December of 2019 before examination or discovery. A 54-year-old woman slipped in a grocery store aisle and fractured her patella, which required surgery to fix. With Auger Hollingsworth’s help she settled her claim for $90,000 before Examination For Discovery in December of 2019

Ontario Car Accident Settlements

Throughout the years, we’ve provided the legal support to help numerous car accident victims attain the justice and compensation they deserve. Some of the people we’ve helped include:

  • A teenage passenger in a vehicle accident settled her case for over half a million dollars.
  • A young mother who was struck by a pickup truck as she crossed the street settled her claim for well over a million dollars.
  • After a man was fatally injured in a motor vehicle accident, his widow, son and granddaughter received a substantial settlement through our negotiation with an insurance adjuster.
  • A mother of 5 who was a passenger in a van that rolled over received a 7-figure settlement.
  • A plaintiff serving in the Canadian army injured with a leg fracture in a motor vehicle accident received $154,000 as a result of settlement negotiations.
  • A former firefighter settled his accident benefits claim for $25,000.
  • A cyclist who struck the back of the vehicle in front of him received a settlement of $55,000 at mediation.
  • A passenger received an accident benefits settlement of $140,000 at mediation from her own insurer.
  • A man struck by a car on his bicycle received $590,000 at mediation.
  • A senior citizen received $100,000 following an accident on a city bus.
  • A young mother struggling with a moderate brain injury with post-concussion syndrome settled her case for $190,000 at a pre-trial.
  • A man injured in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident was able to purchase and renovate an accessible home with funds we negotiated from his accident benefits insurance.
  • A man in his 20s obtained a judgment for $6.1 million for a spinal cord injury due to a car accident.
  • A woman who was previously denied a catastrophic determination by her insurer despite being injured in a serious accident finally settled her arbitration with an admission that she was catastrophically injured.
  • The family of an elderly pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle in the parking lot of her nursing home received accident benefits and a damages settlement – without having to start a lawsuit.
  • We recently settled a claim for significant damages for a child struck while on a bicycle. The case languished with another lawyer for over a year and a half before we took it over and recovered damages the client deserved.
  • A male pedestrian in his 30’s struck at a crosswalk resulting in a traumatic brain injury and multiple leg fractures. Auger Hollingsworth settled his tort claim for $770,000 and his accident benefits claim for $1,000,000.
  • A young woman was struck by a driver causing severe damage to both of her feet and debilitating PTSD. She received a $695,000 settlement at mediation.
  • A 52-year-old woman was forced to retire early when she was hit by a driver while crossing the street. She received $425,000 for her concussion and other psychological injuries that rendered her unable to work.
  • A middle-aged man was struck while walking across a pedestrian crosswalk. He suffered a concussion and other serious physical injuries. With Auger Hollingsworth’s help, he settled his claim for $240,000, which covered lost income, out of pocket expenses and provided money for future care costs.
  • A middle-aged woman was struck by a driver while crossing a pedestrian crosswalk. This accident caused both physical and psychological issues and prevented her from returning to her normal activities. Auger Hollingsworth helped her settle her claim for $80,000.
  • A male pedestrian in his 30’s was struck at a crosswalk resulting in a traumatic brain injury and multiple leg fractures in both legs. Auger Hollingsworth helped him settle his tort claim for $770,000, and his accident benefits claim for $1,000,000.
  • A woman in her 40’s settled her tort claim for $430,000 when she was struck by a turning vehicle.
  • A woman in her 40’s was involved in a truck accident. She suffered tears to both hips, a shoulder tear, chronic pain, and psychological impairments when she was rear-ended by a truck. Her accident benefits insurer deemed her catastrophically impaired. Auger Hollingsworth helped her settle her tort claim at mediation for $550,000 and her accident benefits claim for over $700,000.
  • A man who suffered severe psychological injuries after a collision involving a fatality was deemed catastrophically impaired by his insurance company and settled his accident benefits claim for $1,100,000.
  • A father of two suffered memory and balance issues from a severe concussion caused by a car accident. He received close to two million dollars for his injuries. which stopped him from returning to work.
  • A 39-year-old male was struck by a negligent driver causing serious physical and psychological injuries. The settlement recovered by Auger Hollingsworth of over $450,000 allowed him to supplement lost income and pay for ongoing treatment.
  • A 56-year-old male was hit by a vehicle while on his motorcycle. The accident resulted in extensive injuries to his ankle, along with other injuries and required surgery to fix. He settled his case for over $77,000 without mediation or trial.
  • A mother and daughter were struck by an oncoming car while turning left at an intersection. Both parties received both physical and psychological injuries and settled their case at mediation for $120,000.
  • A woman in her 40’s suffered tears to both hips, a shoulder tear, chronic pain and psychological impairments after she was rear-ended by a truck. Her accident benefits insurer deemed her catastrophically impaired. With help from Auger Hollingsworth, she settled her tort claim at mediation for $550,000 and her accident benefits claim for over $700,000.
  • A woman in her 30’s was deemed catastrophically impaired when she was struck by a vehicle. This accident resulted in a concussion, tears in both hips, chronic pain and psychological impairments. Auger Hollingsworth helped her settle her accident benefits claim for $750,0000.

Long Term Disability Denials

  • A nurse received $215,000.00 after her long-term disability insurer denied her benefits after receiving benefits for twenty-four months and her insurer tried to make her return to work before she was recovered from her injuries.
  • A government employee was denied Long-Term Disability Benefits despite psychological and psychiatric impairments, which prevented him from working. He received $75,000 from his insurer after challenging the denial.
  • A public servant had her Long Term Disability benefits initiated after we sued the insurer.
  • A single mother of two had her Long term disability benefits reinstated after we wrote a letter of appeal to her insurance company.

Other Personal Injury Settlements in Ontario

We work on a wide range of personal injury cases that extend way beyond car accidents and slip and falls. Some other examples include:

  • A professional woman in her 30s settled an accident benefits claim for more than $800,000.
  • A personal support worker who was injured when a piece of equipment fell on her leg at a fast-food restaurant settled her case at a pre-trial.
  • A public servant had her long-term disability benefits initiated after we sued the insurer.
  • After an appeal by our law firm, a client with post-traumatic stress disorder was granted CPP disability benefits.
  • An off-duty police officer who was bitten by a dog received $62,500 at the mediation of his case.
  • A man who was denied disability insurance from his mortgage disability insurer who alleged misrepresentation settled his claim.
  • A client settled a product liability case for six figures.
  • A woman recovered damages for negligence by her dentist who slipped while drilling and cut her tongue.
  • A child was injured in the schoolyard when a faulty fence sliced his head. We settled the case without a lawsuit.
  • A minor was involved in a personal injury accident. Auger Hollingsworth helped her and her family settle their claim for $75,000 which she will be able to access after she turns legal age to pay for future care costs.

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