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Following a car accident, slip and fall, or another type of accident, you may experience an injury to your back, cervical spine, or neck. Our Toronto neck injury lawyers know how to help you get back on your feet and receive the compensation that you deserve. If you’ve suffered a neck injury because of an accident you should get legal advice as soon as you can.  Sometimes there can be short timelines that impact your ability to get compensation. Don’t wait – call an experienced GTA neck injury lawyer today!

Symptoms of a Neck Injury after An Accident

Toronto Neck Injury LawyerIf you’re experiencing any symptoms of a neck injury after an accident, seek medical attention right away. Some symptoms worsen over time so don’t wait until it’s too late. Some common neck injury symptoms include:

  • pain in your neck
  • headaches
  • pain in your shoulders, arms, or hands
  • reduced range of motion in your neck
  • when you turn to the right or the left or move your head up or down
  • numbness, weakness, and slower reflexes in your arms and hands
  • muscle spasms in your neck
  • and more

Types of Neck Injuries

Neck Sprain

When ligaments are stretched or torn in the neck, the result is a neck sprain, which can cause pain and stiffness.

Neck Strain

If your neck muscles are stretched it could be a neck strain. Sometimes a neck strain is referred to as a pulled muscle. Usually, this injury happens when muscles are suddenly and powerfully contracted or stretched unusually far. Sometimes you will hear this type of injury referred to as hyperflexion/hyperextension injury or very commonly a whiplash injury.

Cervical Radiculopathy (pinched nerve)

This injury is also known as pinched nerves. The nerves in your neck leave the spinal cord and travel down into the arm. As they travel, those nerves supply feeling to part of the skin of the shoulder and the arm. They also supply the signals to some muscles to move parts of the arm or hand. When a nerve is irritated or pinched in the neck, either because of a bone spur or a fragment or a herniated or ruptured disc in the neck then the nerve won’t necessarily work the way it supposed to. Cervical radiculopathy can lead to weakness in the muscles that the nerves travel to. There can also be numbness in the skin or pain in the area where the nerve travels.

Herniated Disc

If a traumatic motion to the neck puts a lot of pressure on a disk herniation may result. Sometimes this is called a slipped disc or a ruptured disc. When this happens, the annulus is torn and part of the liquid in the disc squeezes out. If the tear is on the side of the disc that is closest to the spinal canal, the liquid compresses against the spinal nerves causing pain numbness, and weakness along the nerve. Sometimes the chemicals that are released from the disc can irritate the nerve leading to some of the symptoms of a herniated disc especially pain.

Cervical Fracture

A cervical fracture is when one or more bones in your neck are broken. This can be a serious injury and can sometimes even require surgery.

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